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Mediation Fee Schedule

Our standard fee schedule is set forth below, but our fee policy is flexible to address parties’ various needs, particular cases or group of cases, issues, preparation and/or trial requirements and time, etc. For purposes of simplicity, we share the marketplace’s preference for flat fees.

Flat Fees (prepaid)

  • Single Day, Two to Four Party Cases: $2,250-2,750 per party (parties represented by the same attorney are counted as one party).
  • Single Day, Five or More Party Cases: Per diem base rate reduced by $100 per each additional party In attendance and participating.
  • Multi-Day, Multi-Party Cases: Fees vary depending upon such factors as number of parties, amount of pre-mediation preparation required, number of mediation days, complexity of the issues, travel requirements, etc.  We customarily quote fees once we have been provided with such information.


  • Reimbursement is sought for travel expenses, such as airfare, lodging, taxi or auto rental, as well as extraordinary expenses to which the parties have agreed in advance.


  • Cancellations of scheduled cases have damaging consequences, as we will have reserved and set aside a day on which we could have mediated another case. Accordingly, we ask that no mediation be scheduled if there is any question regarding the possibility of its cancellation.  Once a mediation has been scheduled, we ask that the participants do all possible to avoid its cancellation.
  • In the event a case is postponed or cancelled seven (7) business days or fewer from the date set, a $750/per party no fault fee will be assessed each litigant, regardless of the reason or by whom.
  • Should you have any question regarding any of the aforesaid terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.